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Announcing CoxHealth at Home

2020-10-14T08:03:33-04:00July 29th, 2020|News|

We’ve always felt that home health didn’t need to be complex, which is why we are now working hard to simplify the home health experience. Soon, three great CoxHealth organizations – CoxHealth at Home, Home Support, and Home Parental Services – will join together to become CoxHealth at Home. What does this mean? It means that home care, hospice, palliative care, home medical equipment, tube feedings, respiratory therapy, ventilator therapy, power mobility, and specialty pharmacy will all be under one roof.

Hello, Convenience!

Imagine being able to have all of your home health needs met with a single call. Imagine not having to manage services through multiple providers. And imagine not having to deal with the stress of coordinating your care through difference agencies. With one call, you’ll have access to the largest and most comprehensive array of home health services and programs in the region, with unrivaled care coordination. We think that’s a game-changer.

Live Life on Your Terms.

While change is in the air, here’s what won’t change: the care of our clients. For those receiving services from CoxHealth at Home, Home Support, or Home Parental Services, the care will continue uninterrupted. In fact, the same staff member will even come to visit, even if that staff member is sporting a different, CoxHealth at Home uniform. With CoxHealth at Home, as your home health needs change, you can rest assured that our commitment to your care and well-being will not. With one simple call, our care coordinators will help identify and obtain the care and equipment you need to live life at home, on your terms.

That’s our promise. That’s our purpose.

Contact Info

3660 S. National, Suite 300 Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: 855-419-4663 / 417-269-HOME

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